Ideal Dental Solution for Satisfaction with happiness

"Customer satisfaction starts from meeting the needs of them."

Daniel Hur CEO, Surgident

Surgident, since it’s founding in 2006, has steadily expanded the business range manufacturing dental instruments and Implant surgical kits applicable to various surgery cases and the way to purpose in dental field.

With competitive quality and pricing, we have got good reputation from our customers who are dentists, dental distributers, and also, implant manufacturers over the world.

As we have added the demand from them to new products which have been developed, we have also increased our state of the art equipments and facilities with our high specialized skill.

Based on Surgident, to go one step forward and become world leading company for dental industry, it was established as Surgident Co., Ltd. in 2014.

Now we are preparing to jump up again.
Thanks for your interest in us and hope all your oral peace with you everytime.