• 2020

    Dec - Received “Excellent Venture Firm Prize” at the Daegu Gyeongbuk Advanced Venture Industry Awards
    - Selected as a Family-Friendliness Certified Company

    Jul - Selected as the Best Job Creating Enterprise in Korea

    Jun - Designated as a Global IP Star Company

    May - Designated as a Global Small Hidden Champion (May 29, 2020 to Dec. 31, 2023)

    Apr - Awarded the Prize for a Proud SME in April

  • 2019

    Nov - Designated as a Pre-Star Company in a project in Daegu for fostering small hidden champions

    Oct - Selected as a good SME to work for

    Sep - Acquired MFDS license for orthodontic fasteners

    May - Received an award from the Minister of Food and Drug Safety on the Day of Medical Devices
    - Awarded a presidential citation as a Model Small Business at the Small Businesses Competition
    - Cleared the Implant Suprastructure FDA 510(k)

    Mar - Acquired GBR SYSTEM CE (Class Ⅱ b) certification

    Feb - Designated as an INNO-BIZ

  • 2018

    Dec - Awarded One Million Dollar Export Tower
    - Designated as promising small and medium-sized enterprise

    Nov - Relocated headquarters, plant and lab to Daegu for expansion

    May - Cleared GBR SYSTEM FDA 510(k)

    Feb - Registered patent for “Measuring apparatus of implant fixing force”

  • 2017

    Sep - Registered U.S. patent on “Fixture remover for implants”
    - Acquired MFDS for implant suprastructure

    Jun - Acquired CE certification

  • 2016

    Dec - Acquired CFDA certification for Medical Device Class 2

    Aug - Acquired Venture Business certification

    Jun - Registered patent for “Instrument for endodontics therapy”

    Feb - Registered patent for “Perforation drill for upper jawbone”
    - Registered patent for “Implant fixture remover”

    Jan - Acquired CFDA certification for Medical Device Class 1
    - Acquired ISO13485 System certification
    - Acquired KGMP Class III Product certification

  • 2015

    May - Headquarters and plant relocated to Seongnam for expansion

  • 2014

    Jan - Surgident Co., Ltd. established